"If you don't feel alone and stranded here, you are either in denial or are unfortunate enough to have been wrapped up since you were young in a fabric of lies, the less than half-truthful mind control techniques called religion, and have forgotten the Joy you knew before you individuated and took Form.

"On the other side, if you feel lonely,

it is because you are generally living in fear.

 "Fear is the manifestation of separateness

    "Fear is the manifestation of Ignorance.

    "As you read this, you may fear losing your grip on your misunderstandings about everything you ever thought you learned.

    "Those few of you who have gone within, stilled the little mind and contacted your Oneness will know that I am speaking the Truth.

    "You who read or hear this whose Selves have not been able to remember and bring forth Joy and Truth into your personal "reality" will be stymied by the information contained here, and the individuated Selves behind your personalities will yearn for "open minds" into which this and other information can arrive unjudged to be incorporated into the multidimensional paradigm in which you all delusionally "think" you "live".

    "For you who cannot remember that "reality" is different than the "reality" as you have already mistakenly personalized and conceived of it, I will try to temporarily displace from your mind absolutely false notions about history, science, etc., that have been inculcated into you by well meaning but purposely misled scientists, parents, teachers, social engineers and their ilk.

    "It is presumptuous of Me to think that I can add a form of understanding to your already absolutely formed ideas about "life" here on planet Earth, however, if I am successful in displacing these false notions, even for an instant, there will be a space created in you, temporarily, for a so-called "open-mind" with which to "know".



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