Take from each teacher and method the stuff that works and throw out unnecessary dogma and ritual. All methods seen in the Light, lead to the same Union with the Void (the Thing for which there are no Word) and EXEMPLIFICATION OF LOVE TOWARD EVERYTHING. The whirling dervishes have it, the sannyasins in the Himalayan caves have it, in short it can be had while "dancing" in the middle of a public square or while "sitting" privately in solitude. The mastery is having it all the "time" while in the physical body.

    Please to understand, I am with whole intention, being a channel for Self. The One would like to dispel the untruths and correct the misapprehensions which have been fed to us since the beginning of the "banished aryan" epoch. Those of you who have gone within, stilled the little mind and contacted your Oneness will know that I am speaking the Truth.

    Those of you who read this whose Selves have not been able to bring forth Joy and Truth into their personal "reality" will be stymied by the information contained here, and your Selves will yearn for an "open mind" into which this and other information could arrive unjudged to be incorporated into the multidimensional paradigm in which you delusionally "think" you "live".

    The One permeates All. All energy, all matter, all space. At the local illusory level the One permeates all animals, all vegetables, all minerals. The One has central location, At Once Being at the center of everything, At Once Being everywhere.

    We in the Family of Light are individuated portions of the One Consciousness here in our concomitant reality by choice.


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