Patten, Windsor, Velikovsky, Sitchin, Hatch, Ellenberger, Clube, Napier, ad infinitum, have got it just plain wrong by considering that "civilization", or "mythohistory" as they call it, is only 12,OOO years old. You humans have been purposely lied to, conditioned and harped at since birth to think that you were descended from apes, and that this was the first civilization formed since you were "cave-men". Absolutely ludicrous.

    Ideas which people believe, discuss, argue and care about, have usually come from history/mythology. Specific factual history cannot last more than a few years at best before the personages who have the power to change it, start to change it. Take "not a crook" Nixon as an example.

     Mythology can last very long periods of time. Myths and rumors of great cataclysms (the Great Flood, Atlantis, Lemuria) have remained embellished to the hilt and told by grandfather to grandson and grandmother to granddaughter over eons.

    Scientists as a group, archaeologists included, don't usually have an overview or a grasp of the "whole". They are forced, instead, by the institutional university to choose just a "piece of the whole" for their masters or doctorate degrees. As a result of piecemeal egoic "thinking", they don't have numerous bits of evidence in front of their face.

    Darwin's "The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life", was specious at best and was a criminal insert by the forces of socialist democracy. Darwin had to have bodyguards to present his paper

    Biological and palaeontological facts overwhelmingly support creationism in biology as well as botany, but don't misunderstand, when the word creationism is used, it doesn't mean 7 days of "creation" by God. IT MEANS THAT ABSOLUTELY NO LIVING ORGANISM IS HERE ON EARTH BY ACCIDENT.

    All systems fit together with such cohesion as there could be no possibility of accident, and no amount of "time" would allow for things to fit together by "evolution". Certainly living things "evolve", the particular type of wasp becomes more fluid at tracking its particular prey (spider), and each particular spider becomes more fluid at tracking its particular prey, ad infinitum. Seemingly the aryan controlled "civilization" is the only system by way of technology that is fouling its nest irretrievably.

    Any impression that Darwin's "theory" holds water is based on a misunderstanding of some data and an insufficient consideration of other data. His "theory" was forcibly inserted into the "common ignorance pile" because your social engineers wanted everyone to think they were created "equal".

     Humans are not "equal" in any way, shape or form. Humans are not descended from apes. Apes are not "equal" in any way, shape or form. Apes are descended from apes and humans are descended from humans. You humans have a concept called the "missing link" precisely because there is no link between humans and apes, there are just some similarities. There never was a "missing link", and one will never be found. Honey bees, bats, and many, many other species have no ancestors in fossil form, and so are unexplainable according to the sophmoronic theory of Darwin.

    An entirely false impression of continuity in evolution has been created by the exhibition in textbooks and museums, of a so-called phylogenetic tree, along the branches of which the phylae, species and subspecies, have supposedly progressed. If you consider such a "tree", and investigate with any degree of thoroughness what takes place along its branches, you will find that no branch is continuous in such a way that a crawling organism can crawl from one end of it to another.

    Instead, the phylogenetic tree ought to be likened to a tree whose branches and twigs are ringed in numerous places with impassable material. Each space between rings is an island from which there is no escape by biological evolution.

    It is only because many generations of humans have been taught this tripe that "evolution" is accepted in ignorant conversation as a viable theory.

    Species go through long periods of relative stability, millions of years with little change, then, in a short time, and with surprising rapidity, they dramatically change due to environmental upheaval (cataclysm).

    The species changes dramatically, leaping suddenly to a distinctly higher level.

    You humans are now the cause of destruction of over 3OO species a day. You might ask yourself, "Where did the first bumble bee come from?"



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