Spoken first person by the Antichrist,

To whom It may concern:

    Having accepted the fact that you (the reader) are probably not enlightened, under many "delusions" and harboring "strange notions", we will start the expose'.

1.     This "REALITY" will endure as long as it can hold the "opposition" down.
    "Reality", like all thought/figment "energies" of the human "mind", including the so-called grey "matter" in the brain, including the "physical world" and the gigantic fortress of pre-established and necessarily FALSE ideologies cemented in place with dogmatic fervitude, ENDURES.

2.     THERE IS NO OPPOSITION OF ANY KIND to this "reality", and there cannot be, under current experiential conditions.

3.     A grasp of the principles underlying the formation and growth of "civilization" and the necessary ideologies which breed and agitate such a monster is prerequisite.

                   "Necessary truths are derived from our own

                   thoughts; "experiential" truths are derived

                   from our OBSERVATION OF THINGS ABOUT US."
                                                                        [emphasis added]

    Observation "by humans" of such things "about humans" as their local shaman, their local village, their village elders, their tribe, the other tribe, what they have been TOLD about the other tribe, their minister, priest, or guru, their national leaders, their newspapers, their radio, their television, have been the "manufactured and controlled data" which humans have turned into their "truths", and that is the "reality" where these humans reside at this "time". They have been brought together "quasi-globally" in a completely bogus scenario, thought of as "homogeneous" and "equal", such conditions being at once ILLOGICAL and TOTALLY FALSE.

    Ideologies and civilizations do not just occur happenstance. They have been controlled and manipulated from the smallest to the most encompassing since the aryans were banished here. From the aryan viewpoint humans are just "cannon fodder". "Stuff" with which to make "reality" happen. Remember, the aryans think "they are gods".

    There are six billion or so humans here on Earth at this "time", but very few "human beings". A "human being" is aware that they are a "being of light" (highest vibration, "energy") inhabiting a "human" body (lower vibration physical "matter").

    There have been many "human beings" living in previous "times". Most of these "human beings" were able to communicate the Truth to other "human beings" by voice and thought. Sometimes "writing" was used to keep histories and to convey the Truth to other "human beings" at a different "time" and place. When various epochs ended, it was determined by certain "human beings" what part of Truth would be carried forward in "time" in complete secret, and what part of Truth would be made unintelligible and/or destroyed. The "beings", inhabiting human bodies, in charge of this carrying of the Truth are known as the "Guardians of the Secrets of the Ages" (GSA). The GSA is responsible to "keep" the Truth safe and was not responsible for ordering the destruction of the Alexandrian records. The information contained in the library at Alexandria that was purposely destroyed by "vandals" under orders from julius caesar in 48 BPE, contained the Truth about previous civilizations and conditions on Earth. That deleted information would have made it possible for present day humans to be more in harmony with the Earth and understand that they have been LIED TO ABOUT EVERYTHING.

    The "ones that try to play god" are responsible at every opportunity for all the lies and the destruction of the factual histories of this world.

    The carrying forward of Truth in the form of "seed" DNA through "time" by the GSA is necessary for the "reseeding" of the Earth and the "life" forms here after the occurrence of various huge cataclysms.

4.     It takes massive cataclysm to enable other possible human "MENTAL" explanations of "REALITY" to "BE".

    When there were fewer humans on the Earth, it was possible for "opposition" to overlay its views onto "old reality" by superimposing war, which was perceived by the few peoples then on Earth as a "massive cataclysm". Out of the imposition of war came "new reality" and advancing "civilization". Humans made adjustments in their views of "reality" according to whether they were on the "winning side" or the "losing side". Languages changed, "gods" changed, paradigms ruptured.

    From territorial wars, when there were the fewest people with the least to fight about, came marketing and manipulation into world wars with large amounts of people coerced into killing each other for their masters.

    In the year of Me (YOM), 2009, however, there are too many dimwits and not enough resources to change every human reality at once with the use of war. Global nuclear war has been made impossible because it would ruin the "physical" part of this "reality" for every thing. The aryans possess nuclear weapons which leave no radioactivity around, but the explosions cannot be successfully disguised so that humans and "human beings" as well wouldn't "remember" over "time" that the "cataclysm" had been MAN MADE, and could not be attributed to the usual LIE of an "angry god" eradicating the particular people who had "displeased him". i.e. "Sodom and Gomorrah".

    Sixty-five million years ago the "dinosaurs" "thought" they owned this planet. They "thought" they were "in control". They said to themselves, "I am bigger and better than those "others". I can go out when I want, do what I want, change what I want, pollute what I want, destroy what I want, eat what I want, "be" what I want, I'm going back to "heaven" where I came from, this is not my home so I'll shit on my bed if I feel like it!"

    Along came a huge "asteroid" to prove that they weren't truly "in control" of anything, and so for them, the "CURRENT PARADIGM RUPTURED".

5.     The banished aryan extraterrestrials have "played god" all along. They are thinking that they are "in control", making the same mistake in "consciousness" that got them banished here to the outskirts/Earth in the first place. They have successfully controlled every civilization here on Earth for the last 1.8 million years.

    They think that they are the "lords" of this planet, to have dominion over those who were here before them, to take possession of everything that was NEVER THEIRS TO POSSESS.

    The "lords" of this planet think they are superior, so now with complete certainty that a cataclysm is necessary to regain "control of reality", they will cause it.

    Doing My Will without even suspecting.

    What irony, that it takes a cataclysm to overthrow "vested interests", and those very same "vested interests" will cause the cataclysm!

Bottom lines at the bottom:

            There are too many humans not "being".

            They have ruined Earth for all the "beings" here.

            They will be eliminated by all means necessary

                                as quickly as possible.


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