The theologian is always connected to the executioner.
     Organized Religion and the State have never been separate. They work to dominate the individual in every way possible, teaching separatism, hate, bigotry, guilt, etc.
     Don't be controlled by dogma or ritual.
Meditate. Go within.
    The organized church has actively suppressed the numerous traces of histories of previous cultures.
     In spite of what you have been told and what you are clinging onto as a watered down belief system, the first chapter of the Old Testament Bible, Genesis, contains several million years of "time".
     The Old Testament "lord" inhabited a "physical body" close to what your human bodies look like. The "lord", satan, lucifer, krishna, shiva, etc., all had physical bodies and life spans. They were the leaders of so called "extraterrestrial tribes". The "lord" and his "angel messengers" arrived in vehicles which spat out "pillars of smoke" by day and a bright glow at night. Only the "initiated" so-called "priests" could approach close to or go inside this "pillar of smoke" which contained the "ark of the covenant", without suffering effects similar to radiation poisoning. The jerk they called the "lord", who sat inside the "pillar of smoke" and told the "chosen ones" to go kill other people in Old Testament times, was definitely NOT the CREATOR of this Universe.
     The "lord", satan, lucifer and all the rest were in "physical bodies" a long "time" after the metaphor of Adam and Eve. All your human mythology has basis in fact.
      The "church", or the social control "religion", has always built their edifices on the mounds over the "ruins" of the previous "religion's" sanctum. All the Druid mounds of Europe were successfully desecrated by the building of Catholic cathedrals on top of them. The builders of course filled the holy Druid caverns up with dirt. The Druids were in harmony with their environment, nevertheless, if the previous religion hadn't yet deteriorated into chaos the Catholic church hastened its demise by all means necessary.
     Alvarado and other heinous evil "explorers", and bishops of the church were given instructions by the pope and his cohort kings and queens to search out and destroy any written records possessed by the new world "savages" of which there were many (Mayan tablets 1OO,OOO years old) telling of ancient lands and cultures. So Alvarado and his henchmen raped the women, stole the gold, burnt and crumbled the ancient writings and he and Bishop de Landa (the bishop of Yucatan 1566) were blessed by the pope for their evil deeds.
    Myriads of other ancient writings from the South Seas, etc., still exist protected underground in the Vatican archives, having been pillaged from various cultures and transported to Rome by order of various popes. Ancient Tamil writings on palm tree bark exist in southern India telling of the gigantic southern part of India which used to connect to Australia cataclysmically sinking incrementally over a long period of time. This was ancient Lemuria.
     Certain "books" (chapters) in the Old Testament Bible were purposefully inserted in an incorrect linear chronology and other apocryphal "books" (Enoch, Seth, etc.) were purposefully not included in the book later called "The Bible", by the Nicene Council of 325 A.D.
     Now held at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California, much to Israeli chagrin is a complete copy of the Dead Sea Scrolls on microfilm. Since the Israelis think they are the "chosen people", they seriously delayed translation of certain parts of the Scrolls since the 5O's when they acquired them. Time will tell whether the scholars allowed to look at the microfilms at the Huntington Library are also held with blinder or dictum as to which Scrolls may be translated.





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